About the Author

SvIatoslav Timashev

Timachev Sviatoslav

A summa cum laude Ural Polytec graduate, is the founder of the well known Ural school of scientific thought «Safety of critical infrastructures and territories», Doctor of technical sciences, Distinguished scientist of Russia, Merited Educator of the Russian Federation, Principal Scientist and Scientific Director, Science and Engineering Center «Reliability and Safety of Large Systems and Machines» Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences; Professor and Director of the Research Lab and Master's Program «Safety of Critical Infrastructures and Territories», Ural Federal University (UrFU).

He is a licensed Federal Expert in the sphere of science and technology, is also the highest category expert in safety of oil and gas infrastructures. He is a specialist in stochastic stability and dynamics, diagnostics, monitoring, residual lifetime, maintenance, reliability, resilience, risk analysis, safety and governance of critical infrastructures systems, including pipelines, electrical grids and territories.

S. Timashev is a member of the Russian academy of sciences Presidents Work Group "Safety", member of the Russian Federation Academy on quality problems, Washington Academy of sciences Fellow; Fulbright Academy of Science and Technology member, as well as member of ASME, SRA, SARMA, MAA, and ACS.

S. A. Timashev is a charter member of the International Association on Structural Safety and Reliability (IASSAR) and the PIPE institute for professional pipeline engineers (UK). He is also member of the Work Group of the AP11163 Standard on in-line inspection quality. Prof. Timashev is editorial board member of several International Journals, including «Machinery Science Problems and Reliability of Machines», «Emergency Situations and Safety Problems» (both Russia), «Structural Safety», «Critical Infrastructures» (both USA), «Condition Monitoring And Diagnostic Engineering Management - COMADEM» (UK), «Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Reduction» (China). He also provides internationally consulting services and delivers intensive short courses on «Risk Based Management of Pipeline Integrity and Safety» and on «In-Line Inspection Data Analysis for Optimizing Integrity Management Plans» for pipeline specialists and engineers of 27 countries (up to date) of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. He is also an Institutional Co-recipient (as a member of the IPCC WMO UN international team of researchers) of the Nobel Peace Prize, 2007, for developing methods and means of C02 sequestration from the Earth's atmosphere and depositing it in deep rock formations and on the sea bed (including the use of pipeline technology).

S. Timashev authored and co-authored 34 books & brochures and over 500 papers; holds 16 patents in the field of diagnostics and monitoring systems.